AMPHOS laser systems can be characterized by just one number - the average output power. The InnoSlab amplifier as the heart of the system determines the average output power, the seed-laser sets the puls-shape, pulse-duration and repetition rate. This allows the design of "tailored-systems" with pulse duration from some 100fs up to 10ps and into the ns- or cw- regime.

Customized systems are offered as well as standard systems with output power of 10W, 100W, 200W, 300W, 400W and more. AMPHOS laser systems are turnkey laser systems consisting of a laser head and a control unit. The laser head incorporates the oscillator while the control unit carries the chiller, laser diode power supply and control electronics with different interfaces. The following components can be integrated as an option:

  • optical isolator for high average power,
  • fast beam switches,
  • external power setting unit and
  • nonlinear frequency conversion module

Especially frequency conversion is highly efficient using fs- or ps lasers, so an frequency conversion module can be added behind the amplifier. AMPHOS laser systems do not need a "chirped-pulse" amplification and no regenerative beam path. Result is a very compact and robust setup.