300W USP Laser for Materials Processing

AMPHOS, technology leader in highpower ultrafast lasers, presents the most powerful ultrafast laser for materials processing at the LASER World of PHOTONICS Show in Munich from June 25-29 2017.

Having an output power of 300W, pulse energy of 1mJ and pulse duration below 1ps the new AMPHOS300 is ideally suited for all kinds of micromachining applications like cutting, drilling and surface structuring.

The compact laser system is extremely flexible: repetition rate from single shot to 40MHz can be used and the pulse duration can be chosen continuously from 1ps to 10ps. Pulse bursts with up to 50 pulses per burst can be set to optimize the process efficiency.

Green output can be achieved using the integrated SHG option that converts the 1030nm output to 515nm with an efficiency of more the 50%.

In combination with optimized processing tools like polygon scanner, multibeam optics and galvo scanners the AMPHOS 300 is the perfect solution for significant increase in productivity.

To learn more about AMPHOS products, stop by during Laser World of Photonics Booth A2.127


Aachen, Jun. 21st 2017