High Volume-Rate Nano-Particle Generation Using AMPHOS Lasertechnology

AMPHOS has build the world’s most powerful Laser based Nano-Particle-Generator. This System is able to generate several grams of nano particles per hour.

The University Duisburg Essen (UDE) has introduced a Nano-Particle-Generator that is able to produce more than 3g/h. The system consists of a 500W Ultrashort-Pulse Laser and a customized polygon scanning unit. Scanning speed is up to 1.800km/h which is more than 1.5x the speed of sound. Examples for potential areas of application with nano particles are medical technology e.g. with tightly focused application of medical substances or surface coating of implants and the automotive technology e.g. within fuel cells and catalytic converters.

More details regarding the Nano-Particle-Generator and the application possibilities can be found here:

AMPHOS products are the most powerful (400W and more) ultrafast lasers and amplifiers worldwide. Applications range from scientific research up to industrial applications in micromachining.


Aachen, Nov. 22th 2015